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Crossing out days in the calendar is much more pleasant if it is a calendar with gifts! Log in to the game every day and get your prize — from consumables to leveling boosts, and even boxes with rare items. Have time to collect them all!

Event Duration

  • Event will last 5 weeks: December 2nd — January 5th (09:00 CET).


  • Characters of level 85 and above will receive the same rewards upon daily logging in.
  • Each new day will bring you a new reward. You can track your progress in a special window “Attendance Check”. It appears every time you enter the game.
  • To get a reward, double-click on the reward icon in the event window.
  • Upon receiving a daily reward, item icon will turn into a red seal – it means that you have successfully received your daily reward.
  • Be careful: you can receive only one daily reward on your account – keep that in mind and choose the correct character to obtain rewards with. 
  • In case you accidentally closed the Attendance Check window without claiming your reward, you can recall it from the Main menu → Attendance Check.
  • To claim the reward, click on its icon. You can claim your daily reward after being logged in for 30 minutes. Upon clicking on a reward a timer will be displayed in system messages – in case you have to wait.


First & fifth week

DayItem NameQuantityTradable?
1st & 29th Freya’s Ice Rose12No
2nd & 30th Glowing Dragon’s Attribute Potion (XP)12No
3rd & 31st Freya’s Scroll of Storm36No
4th & 32nd Shining Nevit’s Gold Hourglass12No
5th & 33rd Honey Dark Beer12No
6th & 34th Vitality120No
7th & 35th Blessed Valakas’ Necklace – Mind (30-day)1No

Second week

DayItem NameQuantityTradable?
8th Freya’s Ice Rose12No
9th Glowing Dragon’s Attribute Potion (XP)12No
10th Freya’s Scroll of Storm36No
11th Shining Nevit’s Gold Hourglass12No
12th Honey Dark Beer12No
13th Vitality120No
14th Silver Strider Rider Scroll1No

Third week

DayItem NameQuantityTradable?
15th Freya’s Ice Rose24No
16th Glowing Dragon’s Attribute Potion (XP)24No
17th Freya’s Scroll of Storm72No
18th Shining Nevit’s Gold Hourglass24No
19th Honey Dark Beer24No
20th Vitality240No
21st Blessed Antharas’ Earring – Shield (30-day)10No

Fourth week

DayItem NameQuantityTradable?
22nd Freya’s Ice Rose24No
23rd Glowing Dragon’s Attribute Potion (XP)24No
24th Freya’s Scroll of Storm72No
25th Shining Nevit’s Gold Hourglass24No
26th Honey Dark Beer24No
27th Vitality240No
28th Lindvior’s Earring – Pure (30-day)1No

Silver Strider Rider Scroll

  • For the 14th day of the event, you will receive a unique mount — a Silver Strider.
  • Mount is a transformation skill that is learned once and for all.
  • By double-clicking on a scroll in your inventory, you will learn the transformation skill.
  • The transformation lasts 1 hour, and there is no cooldown.
  • The transformation is canceled when the character enters the water.
  • The transformation is saved in the buff line when moving to the Olympiad, but the character visually dismounts from the dragon. Upon returning to the town, the character sits on a dragon.
  • As soon as the character rides the dragon, his combat characteristics are reduced, and he loses the ability to use his skills, in return, two transformation skills are acquired:

(Lv) DescDescription

(Lv 1) Fast RunFor 30 sec., Speed +95.

(Lv 1) DismountDismounts from a kukuru.

Items description


Silver Strider Rider ScrollA scroll to learn the skill to mount Silver Strider.

Blessed Antharas’ Earring – Shield 30-dayMP +59, P./ M. Def. +15%, CON/ MEN +3, Earth/ Holy Resistance +30, Infection Resistance/ Atk. Rate +50%, Confusion Resistance/ Atk. Rate +40%, Received Healing +10%, Skill MP Consumption -5%, Vampiric Rage effect +4%.
Active skill: Removes Stun debuffs and grants immunity to Confusion for 5 sec.
Effects of two identical earrings do not stack.

<Special effect>
P. Def. +4%

Blessed Valakas’ Necklace – Mind 30-dayMP +79, HP +625, P. Atk. +10%, M. Atk. +20%, M. Skill Critical Rate +20, STR/ INT +3, Fire Resistance +30, Dark Resistance +20, Stupor Resistance and Atk. Rate +50%, P. Skill Power +5%, Skill Cooldown -10%, Damage Reflection +5%.
Active skill: Removes Hold debuffs and grants immunity to Obstruction for 5 sec.

<Special effect>
Skill Cooldown -3%

Lindvior’s Earring – Pure 30-dayMP +59, P. Critical Damage/ M. Skill Critical Damage +10%, Speed +5, DEX/ WIT +3, Wind/ Dark Resistance +30, Petrifaction Resistance/ Atk. Rate +50%, Confusion Resistance/ Atk. Rate +40%, Danger Zone Resistance +40%, P./ M. Debuff Reflection Rate +10%, M. Damage Reflection Rate +10%.
Active skill: Removes Knockback/ Knockdown debuffs and grants immunity to Confusion for 5 sec.
Effects of two identical earrings do not stack.

<Special effect>
6 Attribute Resistance +25

Freya’s Ice Rose EventFor 30 min., Max HP/ MP/ CP +30%, P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +30%, Atk. Spd./ Casting Spd. +10%, Speed +20, Attribute Attack/ Resistance +100, damage +10%, P./ M. Skill Power +10%, acquired XP/ SP +30%, received damage -10%, Skill MP Consumption -15%.

The effect remains after death. Cooldown: 5 min. Does not stack with Art of Seduction and Pa’agrio’s Blessing. Cannot be used in the Olympiad.

Glowing Dragon’s Attribute Potion (XP) EventWhen used, Attribute Attack +70, Attribute Resistance +70, acquired XP/ SP +30% for 30 min.

The effect remains after death. Cooldown: 5 min.
Cannot be used in the Olympiad.

Honey Dark Beer EventFor 30 min., all basic stats +3, Vitality bonus +30%.

The effect remains after death. Cooldown: 5 min.
Cannot be used in the Olympiad.

Shining Nevit’s Gold Hourglass EventFor 30 min., Acquired XP/ SP +100%.
Does not stack with the Fall of the Dragon or Dandy’s Home Run Ball effects.
Cooldown: 5 min.

VitalityDouble click to recover a certain amount of Vitality. Cannot be used in the Olympiad.

Freya’s Scroll of Storm EventFor 10 min., Vitality Consumption +150%, acquired XP/ SP +150%. The effect remains after death. Cooldown: 9 min. Can be used only when 1 or more Vitality bars is full. Cannot be used in the Olympiad.

The effect does not stack with those of Freya’s Frozen Scroll, Maphr’s Wind Scroll, Dandy’s Scroll: Challenge, Emperor’s Growth Scroll, Scroll: Midsummer Passion, Vital Wind, Wind of Bard.

Additional Information

  • The event is available to characters of level 85 and higher (class doesn’t matter).
  • The event will last 5 weeks. At the end of week 4, the event cycle will start again from week 1.
  • You can get a reward after 30 minutes of playing the game.
  • The reward is only available to one character on the account once a day within a single server.
  • Blessed Antharas’ Earring – ShieldBlessed Valakas’ Necklace – Mind, and Lindvior’s Earring – Pure are 30-day items and are issued unpacked, with the item timer starting to count down immediately after receiving the reward.
  • The event timer starts counting down when the character is directly in the game. However, the time spent on the character selection screen is not taken into account.
  • If you exit the game and close the client, the timer is reset, which means that the player must again stay the required 30 minutes.
  • The time to re-receive a new reward is reset at 6:30 CET.
  • If a player missed one day of the event and did not enter the game, they will receive a total of one less reward (27 instead of 28). For example, if a player received the first reward on Wednesday after the server maintenance, but did not enter the game on Thursday, then on Friday they will only receive the second reward (and not the second + the third for Thursday and Friday). To get all the rewards, you need to log in every day!
  • You can’t get a reward if you exceed the weight limit or the number of inventory slots.
  • All rewards received during the event will not be deleted after the event.